The Ex-Domino’s Employees – Will Krusty Kristy & Spongebutt Nopants Get Their Own VH1 Reality Show?

Posted: April 16, 2009 in #dominos, Crisis, PR, Public Relations, Twitter

They’ve been fired, yes. And rumors abound, and appear to be valid, that the expert camera woman is indeed one Kristy Lynn Hammonds, Registered Nurse Sex Offender (see: So now what? @PRdude suggests that they are prime candidates for a VH1  Reality TV, and while I wouldn’t put it passed the network that airs ‘Rock of Love: Bus’ & ‘For The Love of Ray Jay’  to feature Ms. Hammonds in a new series sex offenders finding true love…I don’t think the public will appreciate it. Ad Age reporter @kenwheaton Wonder’s how the Publishing Industry will react to her record. My Thought – These two employees are infamous. They represent any and every Fast Food worker you’ve ever seen or will see. The next time you walk into a Pizza Hut or McDonald’s, you’ll see Krusty Kristy Lynn and Spongebutt Nopants, and you’ll wonder “Is there spit on my burger?” Whose nose have my french fries been in?”

Because, what’s really happened here is that all the fears and assumptions we’ve held about the uncleanliness and horrific things we assumed went on behind the scenes at our favorite greasy haunts – they’ve now been confirmed, validated, and broadcast to the world. This is not just a crisis for Domino’s but for the all Fast Food outlets. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were an industry wide campaign, united or individual, directed at assuaging these public concerns.

Which brings me to the future of the two ex-employees. They are the scapegoats, already tried and convicted in the public’s mind for, not just what’s been caught on video, but every disservice or disgusting behavior suspected of their counterparts, but unproven. Then again, VH1 continues to surprise me, so maybe we will see “Can You Love A Sex Offender” primeir this fall…who knows?

  1. mmilian says:

    As disgusting as this whole thing is, it’s only the flavor of the week (even if that flavor is snot). These types of overzealous fast food employees are a dime a dozen.

    Last year, I interviewed a guy named Timothy Tackett, who filmed himself taking a bath in the utility sink at the Burger King where he worked. He was fired, and soon forgotten.

    My guess is that this Dominos thing will remain in the ADD-ridden public conscience for about a week and quickly fade. Nothing is going to stand between us and our junk food.

  2. rosie says:

    i’m going to have to agree with mmilian – i don’t think this will ultimately get in between americans and thier junk food.

    while everyone who lives on the internet is aware of this, sometimes we live in an internet eco-bubble. neither of my parents had heard of this, and some of my friends were shocked when i sent them the vids. so it’s still going around.

    in my head, i like to push this out – but the reality is – anyone who has worked at a restaurant or venue that sells food knows that health codes aren’t followed 100%. i worked at starbucks for 3 years and damn we worked hard to follow everything – and we always got good health scores… but we were just making drinks. i know waiters and waitresses with stories that rival the domino’s vids – think of the movie ‘waiting’ – why was it so funny? because people could relate!

    for me the issue is how domino’s handled it. being in that whole branding field and watching the CEO (?) read a scripted response in front of a video camera… that made me cringe!

    lucky for me, i’m more of a sushi fan. i don’t wanna know any of the stories behind sushi restaurants 😉

  3. Elcoj says: to GoogleReader!

  4. […] and their various Social Media Exploits, I know. But after the Domino’s Debacle and the initial Aftermath, I couldn’t help but gauge how they’ve since handled their digital ventures. We all saw the […]

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