#IAMPR – The Twitter PR Pro Directory

Posted: April 23, 2009 in PR, Public Relations, Recommendations, Social Media, Twitter
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By @Elliotschimel on the official #SMPR Blog

We just created a hashtag #IAMPR for PR Professional to identify themselves on Twitter. This way we can spot and follow each other. That way we can learn from each other, network and communicate.

Later today we will post the list of everyone who identified themselves as PR pros on this blog. Stay Tuned.

Also, we are looking for PR bloggers for our blog roll (see right) and to syndicate content related to PR and social media. Contact us at @Aerocles or @Elliotschimel.

  1. Count Me IN 🙂

    Narciso Tovar
    Big Noise Communications
    http://www.bignoisecomm.com (website – should be up and running by the end of the month)
    http://methodandmoxie.wordpress.com/ (blog)

  2. Ann Baker says:

    Count me in #iampr

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