Posted: May 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

I think the greatest potential lies – not just in social media site unilaterally replacing traditional corporate websites – but in allowing brands to reach a much more targeted audience. This can range from broad demographics – see Dell’s recent Della Failure – to very specific niche audiences Office Depot’s Office Depot Saves Small Businesses Campaign – in which they create a social forum for their primary consumer base – to GE’s GEReports.com – which builds content based on the comments posted in a hybrid media outet/blog/social platform. If I am a brand, why should I have only one website. These don’t need to be ‘replacements’ rather, complements. No brand’s online presence will be complete until they have a main page supplemented by as many targeted microsites as they need to reach there consumer base, and untapped markets.

Originally posted as a comment by Aerocles on Carrot Creative Blog using Disqus.

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