Spencer Pratt: The Guy We Love To Hate – Does The Celebrity “Bad Boy” Branding Really Work?

Posted: June 4, 2009 in Advertising/Marketing, Business, PR, Public Relations, Random
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Yesterday I Wrote About The Shelf Life of Commericals & Ads…Today, It’s Celebrities.

Spencer Pratt, The Guy With The Creepy Flesh Colored Beard (Per Joel McHale & The Soup) – Is a Tool…Anyone Who’s Ever Watched More Than 3 Seconds Of His Pseudo-Acting Can Attest To His Unwarrented Arrogant, Self-Centered, Egotistical, Ignorant, Douchebagginess Behavior.

But the fact remains, we all know his name. Now he’s taken leave from The Hills to participate on “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”  – which he’s already left & rejoined in the show’s brief  existance.

He’s the guy we love to hate…and he claims that acting like a tool is intentional, it’s for his ‘Bad Boy Brand’ because, and I’m paraphrasing here: “Good Guys Don’t Win Oscars, Villains Do.”

So What do you think?

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations, Posted This Short Video Explaining Why It Won’t Work Out For The Pratt & His Beard

I Encourage You To Follow Ronn & The 5W Team on Twitter

[Disclosure/Transparency/Disclaimer: I Work At 5W]

On The Other Side – Sasha Halima Posted The 9 Reasons You Don’t Really Hate Speidi and Spencer is an Evil Genius

So What Do you Think? Remember – My Blog is Your Blog – I Value Your Comments More Than My Own Content – Blogs Are Only Social Media If That Engagement Exists…So Please…Share Your Thought(s).

  1. Ah, the Pratt just cracks me up. While, *gasp* I’ve never watched ‘The Hills’ (save those 10 mins., pre-MTV Movie Awards and *gasp* it was the Speidi wedding http://bit.ly/19OxZ9)or ‘follow’ Heidi/Spencer — I do keep tabs on trends, and the “buzz” especially in my industry (PR). What I find the most interesting is that for as much as people “hate” and call Speidi “idiots” and other terms — the fact is, they still talk about them.

    Twit and Twat, as Michael K. of DListed would say, must be doing something right.

  2. From what I’ve seen – for most reality TV stars, if they choose to do something with their reality fame after their show ends, it’s something along the lines of club appearances…and honestly, who wants to go out to meet a guy they HATE?! Maybe FICTIONAL villains win awards, but reality TV assholes don’t…

  3. Sheema says:

    I agree with your boss- Speidi have been pretty intelligent in milking their fame for all its worth. However, once the Hills ends, they’ll have nothing to fall back on. Their ill-fated attempts to launch singing careers have just proved that they have no real talents. Acting as a “bad boy” may work for some people, like Christian Bale or Russell Crowe, but at the end of the day those guys have actual talent to sustain their careers.

    I also want to add that I’m surprised that Spencer hasn’t tried to capitalize on the fact that he looks a lot like Beavis (from Beavis & Butthead)


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