MUCKRACK: The Most Important Website For PR Pros on Twitter Since…Well, Twitter

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Business, Newspapers, PR, Public Relations, Social Media, Twitter
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MuckRack is a work of art. Pure & Simple Genius. Similar attempts have been made to categorize journalist activities on twitter, but they have either been static databases and require updating or poorly designed and organized.

MuckRack is none of those. It live-streams journalists’ tweets and can be sorted by beat and/or outlet.

The best part, IMO is that since it’s built on built on a Twitter API – You can login to the site with your twitter ID & Password and by hovering over a reporter, editor, anchor or producer’s tweet – you can follow them, retweet, and even reply to them!

The only – and I really mean only – drawback as of now, is the fact that it won’t tell you which journalists you’re already following. Theoretically, you can click to follow the same reporter over and over again…but that minute waste of time is a small price for the overall value the site provides.

For PR professionals, Muckrack (also found on twitter @Muckrack) is resource of amazing potential. Beats listed range from business to travel to digital to world news to sports and outlets include pretty much everything: TV, Print, Radio, and Online.

The list of features goes on:

  • Users can rate Tweets as “Newsworthy,” “Witty,” or “Insidery.”
  • The sidebar informs you of trending Muckrack Topics.
  • Anyone can easily add a journalist not currently listed in the Muckrack Database.
  • The site also lists Designers, Developers, Celebrities, Musicians, VCs, Athletes, and even pets.

MuckRack was founded by Lee SemelAdam Varga, and Gregory Galant of Sawhorse Media and Aaron Taylor-Waldmanof Pixel Pusher.

The About section aptly poses the question:

What if you could get tomorrow’s newspaper today?

Now you sorta can, by tracking the short messages on Twitter written by the journalists who do the muckraking for major media outlets.

Muck Rack makes it easy to follow one line, real time reporting.

Check it out…seriously…Best. Site. Ever. (For PR Pros, Anyway).



  1. Leslie says:

    One thing it’s missing: a giant search box right at the top so I can easily figure out whether a journalist I know is in the database.

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is really interesting. I’m going to try it out!

  3. Jessica Greco says:

    Hadn’t heard of this before, but it sounds VERY useful. Thanks for this post, I’ll definitely check it out!

  4. Wendie Owen says:

    I think Muckrack will prove to be a valuable resource

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