Shortbord Launches Public Beta: Employs “Enduring Exposure” To Unlock Mystery of Real Time Social Endorsements

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Business, Social Media

Shortbord Social Platform Launches: Takes Different Approach To Consumer Centric Social Marketing


Badges: Shortbord just added embeddable badges for blogs. Just log into your Shortbord account and on the top of the page click on “Get Badges” and you just drop that simple html into a widget on the sidebar of your blog wherever you’d like it. What’s amazing is that these badges will update automatically as your endorsement changes – truly realizing the potential for that “Enduring Exposure.” I’ve already got mine embedded in my left sidebar!

Also – I’ve just received word that that Shortbord has just launched the capability for paid campaigns (as opposed to just rewarding users with deals) and their will be an additional targeting functionality added within the next couple of weeks.


Those familiar with the intricacies and mechanisms of social platforms intuitively understand that somewhere underneath the clutter lies a latent promise of peer-to-peer, consumer-to-consumer, socially enabled endorsements on an unfathomable magnitude, but no one has been able to decipher the proper methodology to facilitate such consumer-to-consumer brand advocacy…yet.

Udorse tried it…but I don’t think it’s quite caught on just yet. Offermatic holds similar potential, and I’ve got my eyes on them.  And Flattr also has an interesting business model and concept…they’re worth watching as well.

Klout, as I’ve written about previously, has a unique take on influencer targeting that seems aligned with Yahoo Researcher Duncan Watts’s philosophy; that is, the desired cascade effect can only be predicted or achieved when then voice promoting a subject has, A) an audience, B) recognized authority on a certain topic, and C) when the content promoted is aligned with the subject area in which the voice is an expert. And I think that if Klout keeps pushing down this path, they could corner a market on social influencer targeting.

Now, Shortbord, a new social media platform that launches today, takes a unique approach to tackling social media marketing, namely, the longevity issue.

When Kim Kardashian tweets about Carl’s Jr.’s – she has no authority in that arena, so it doesn’t matter how many followers or fans she has, her impact is minimal (per Duncan Watts). But Kim also tweets about Quiktrim – a dietary something or other for weight loss – a subject in which she might have much more influence. A new problem then emerges as an effect of real time quality of social media. Her promotion is quickly buried underneath new posts and new content. So, for whatever impact value her promotion may have had, it is thus negated by its fleeting nature.

Shortbord remedies this through the use of Affinity Badges designed to maximize the long-term exposure a user gives a brand. Like Udorse, participants can choose from a plethora of brands and causes to endorse and once that’s done, the endorsement attaches itself as a temporary fixture to your profile and to any content you post in the form of a thumbnail that sits opposite your avatar. For bloggers, the potential is even greater, as you can embed a widget on your site that is tied to the specific promotion your currently “surfing” (to use shortbord lingo).

Once you’ve temporarily tied the endorsement to your profile just do what you usually do – it’s a set it and forget it system – when the promotion has run it’s course – you get a reward (I got a T-shirt! YAY!)

Josh Schneider, of the Shortbord founders, explains how they are different from other services:

We are the first word-of-mouth display advertising company that enables individuals to monetize their social media reach & influence without changing their voice.  Paid blogging services exist for influencers to monetize their online fame, but are oftentimes viewed critically by both influencers and their followers because the ad units can be misleading and the content is not genuine. Furthermore, websites do not support most types of paid blogging because too many advertisements reduce the quality of the content being shared.

Shortbord takes paid blogging and combines it with display advertising to enable people who are valuable to monetize their popularity through displaying Shortbord Affinity Badges.  Once a website is enabled, Shortbord Affinity Badges display an individual’s current endorsement and websites that are in the Shortbord network share in the endorsement’s value. Both the influencer and the website get paid for the value they create, and brands have an effective word-of-mouth ad unit that is relevant on social applications.

Our goal as a company is to be THE ad unit that monetizes all user-generated content. We just opened our website to the public today and are trying to get Shortbord Affinity Badges on as many websites as possible.  Our next step is to release Facebook implementation and enable people to promote their favorite charities and brands on their facebook profiles / pages

Check it out here and let me know what you think. There’s certainly room for improvement, but I also think they are really onto something here. If I had the money, I’d buy them, Klout, Flattr, and Offermatic (and maybe salvage Udorse or Blippy in the process) and turn them into one massive social endorsement and social consumer shopping experience…

  1. Dan Croak says:

    I’ve implemented Shortbord on my Tumblr account. I like sponsoring local Boston businesses such as Soulfire. I received a free sandwich for that endorsement. I’m sure to drag a few friends with me when I redeem it.

  2. […] Shortbord Launches Public Beta: Employs “Enduring Exposure” To Unlock Mystery of Real Ti… […]

  3. Interesting piece, sounds like the kind of thought process that shouldve originally been at work at TwitterHQ to monetize their own network. Celebrity endorsement branding seems to take on a case of misguided and saturated approach of it’s own. Many, only recently realizing the prowess of their consumer herds.

    Interesting concept, will have to use it to realize what other potential it could have but the information in this piece paints a pretty good non-experiential picture by itself. Good show.

    • Mike says:

      Can’t agree more with you. Celeb endorsement branding is the future of advertising – think of how many times someone like Britney Spears’ content is viewed on Twitter and other services. She serves more impressions than most major websites do. Also, look at how many influencers have millions of readers on Twitter, their blogs, etc.. these are highly verticalized people with brands actively seeking ways to position themselves in front of their audiences. This is significant value that is being squandered and Twitter seems to be going in a different direction

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