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I’ve always been a fan of Hootsuite. I’ve been touting them as the best Twitter client while everyone else was clamoring over seesmic and tweetdeck. Well folks, this is why:

Hootsuite upgraded to HTML 5 not too long ago, an impressive move on it’s own. Today, they astound their users yet again with another update, this time focusing on improving the quality of content through the institution of additional filter systems, along with a new Social CRM features.

The filter system is incredibly easy to use, and allows us to further refine the content that floods our streams every day. For power users and professional social media folk, like myself, following 5000 people is a daunting task. Tools like this allow users search within their pre-established columns and tabs, either by Klout Score (Influence) or by keyword.

This functionality has been lacking from twitter and 3rd party clients. I’m shocked it took so long for someone to do this the right way, but I’m not in the least bit surprised it was Hootsuite.

Add to that the additional “Insights” that appear in a new tab within the pop-up profile boxes, integrations with “Zendesk for customer service, and you’ve got the makings of a twitter app/client to destroy all others as the premier package for personal and professional use.

I’m not sure how many of you took the survey (using User Voice, an awesome crowdsourcing tool if you haven’t seen it). I did, and I’m glad to see that a lot of the user feedback and ideas are incorporated into this evolving product. H00t H00t.

This also just happens to be a brilliant way for Hootsuite to build buzz just prior to the imminent Paid Premium Service launch.

Here are the basics, excerpted from the press release.

Filter by Influence

Drill down into your network by filtering columns by influence score. Sorting by Klout’s algorithmically-produced score allows you to learn which followers and contacts enjoy the widest reach. Ideal for quickly identifying campaign candidates or response priority.

Filter by Keyword

Too many messages to sort through? No problem. Filter your columns on-the-fly by keyword. Type in your desired word to remove the extraneous updates and focus on what’s on your mind. Ideal for tracking topics and prospecting for clients.

Follower Insights

Get to know your network with the knowledge behind the “Insights” tab . Learn where your contacts Hang-out online including publicly available links to social profiles, a collection of images, even occupations and title — all in one view

Hoot to Zendesk Support

Where does social networking end and tech support begin? It doesn’t matter since Twitter updates can now become track-able tickets directly in the popular help desk app, Zendesk . This integration helps streamline your customer service and ensure quality responses.

Organization View

Since HootSuite released Team Collaboration tools, many users have added extensive networks. Now managing your colleagues is easier thanks to a new view which shows your contacts on each network, along with a simple way to add more team members.

To get started, click the Owl, choose Settings, then My Organizations to tune-up your teams.

From enterprises to start-ups, HootSuite is pleased to help businesses and organizations reach out to spread messages, monitor conversations and track results.

As you may know, we’re excited about releasing paid plans in the coming weeks. Keep in mind, HootSuite will remain free for an estimated 95% of users based on current usage patterns. Meanwhile, premium users will enjoy access to extra features, high limits and prioritized support.

We’ll release details in the coming weeks but to preview, the paid plans will offer:

* Unlimited social networks
* Unlimited RSS feeds
* Team members on social networks
* Advanced analytics & reports
* Expedited support


There are Sooooo many twitter apps and clients out there, including, but not limited to, Seesmic (Desktop & Web), TweetDeck, iTweet, Mixero, not to mention all the mobile apps like Ubertwitter, Twitterberry and the plethora iPhone apps…it would be nearly impossible to review them all (though Mashable & TechCrunch usually do a nice job of covering most of the worthy ones as the debut or update their service).

Anyhoo – I happen to have a particular interest in which Twitter App/Client is best suited for professional use – and I suspect many of you do, as well. Whether you’re in customer service, branding, marketing, PR, or advertising, there are certain tools that make a twitter client better suited for professional, rather than personal, use.

When Twitter was more for personal communication, networking, etc., I was partial to Mixero for my Desktop/Adobe Air platform and iTweet for my web based service. But that’s changed now that my uses for Twitter have evolved beyond simple chatter. In short, I’ve found Hootsuite to be the best for 3 reasons – metrics, multiple account management, and it’s browser-based.

I’ve included a short review of functions and features, as well as additional features I’d like to see added. But suffice it to say, between Hootsuite’s accurate and easy to read metrics and graphs on links and clickthroughs, the ability to create custom user groups, and the multiple account/use/profile option, it is really a wonderfully designed service and well suited to employ from a professional standpoint.

User Groups

User Groups


  • The search-column function allows for continuous monitoring of brand mentions
  • The customizable user groups and tabs have allowed me to build my own personal interface – with one tab dedicated to news outlets and separated by topic and another for reporters, journalists, and bloggers, separated by beat and outlet.
  • The multiple users and profile option lets people you work together with your client, or your counterpart, in-house – you can train them, show them how to use the service.
    • With the ability to teach clients basics and the best tactics and strategies, you can build up the account and hand it over to the client for full-time use and interaction, while you continue to oversee the operation.
  • The statistics, metrics, and graphs on links and clicks – Clients will never stop asking you to show them the ROI of the time, money, and effort they’ll expend on anything, especially in the realm of social media. What better way than to show them how many people clicked on a link they tweeted with all the graphs and stats at your fingertips?

Features I’d Like To See In HootSuite

  1. Enter/Return Key Tweets.
  2. View List of Following/Followers.
  4. Tags or Labels on Users/Tweets Already In Groups as the tweets appear in your stream (So you know not to add them to another group!).
  5. The Ability to Drag Users into Groups/Columns/Tabs.
  6. The Ability to Drag Columns to Different Tabs.
  7. An “Is This Person Following Me” Feature – As Seen in
  8. The Ability To Send or Share Your Customized User Groups with other Hootsuiters
  9. A REPLY ALL option to conversations/tweets with multiple participants
  10. Integrated Twit-Picture/Twit-Video Service
  11. The ability to search for keywords or topics just within the people I’m following
  13. A “You’ve Got A New Follower” Announcement Message…preferable with a pleasant accompanying sound effect.

Features That Make HootSuite the Perfect Twitter Client For Professional Use

  1. The Ability To Create Customized User Groups.
  2. The Ability To Build Customized Tabs & Categories.
  3. The Tweet Later Feature.
  4. The Built in URL Shortener with AMAZING Stats & Tracking!
  5. The Multiple Users/Accounts/Profiles.
  6. The Option to save ANY search as its own column.
  7. You Never Seem To Run Out Of APIs or Refreshes.
  8. As a Browser Based App – it’s easier on the old motherboard and overloaded server than a Desktop client.

Stats & Metrics - Click-Throughs

Stats & Metrics - Click-Throughs

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    So…like many of you other Twitterholics, I keep the site open throughout the day to stay apprised of the industry goingson and other important happenings. Of course, if I were to read every article that looked interesting, I’d never get any work done, so I’ve taken it upon myself to aggregate them, for myself as much as for you, dear readers, so that we may revisit the ones we missed, obviating the need to keep 53 tabs open in one browser (it was chrome, it’s my record to date, and it crashed the computer…no surprise there).

    On that note…have a looksee, enjoy, and feel free to let me know if you think I’m leaving any out!

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    By @Elliotschimel on the official #SMPR Blog

    We just created a hashtag #IAMPR for PR Professional to identify themselves on Twitter. This way we can spot and follow each other. That way we can learn from each other, network and communicate.

    Later today we will post the list of everyone who identified themselves as PR pros on this blog. Stay Tuned.

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