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Courtesy of Encryped (sic) Memories


Remember Google’s ‘groundbreaking’ Super Bowl Ad – “How To Impress A French Girl” [AKA Parisian Love] as seen via search engine magic? Well, now you can create your own. Check out the demo and my own crude attempt, titled “My Day In Google Searches.”

What do you think? Gimmick? Utility? Fad? Not Even?

Not gunna write a lot today folks – Just wanted to bring two interesting things to your attention:

1. Hat Tip to Ian Schafer and his Deep Focus Cohorts for this Twitpic. It would seem like Facebook is debuting something called Facebook Presence at the f8 conference tomorrow. My question is – will this feature be limited to attendees and then abandoned? I think not. In fact – while you can read all about the planned f8 announcements on GigaOM one functionality that remains as mysterious as it would be monstrous, is Facebook’s esoteric, possibly QR Code Utilizing, Location/Check-in Functionality that would compete head on with Foursquare and Gowalla (And Twitter). I dunno – take a look at the screen shot – to me this system looks very well suited for, and thus easily adapted, to align with possible iterations of such location based features.

What do you think this means for the general user?

2. This is the funniest ad I think I’ve ever seen:

A little while ago, I wrote about Tweeconomics. Seems I’m not the only one under the impression that social media has pervaded almost every outward facing facet of modern business. The ROI debate – “Is there?” “Isn’t there?” “Does it matter?” “Do different rules apply?” “How do we adapt our ROI paradigm?” “Is it even possible to calculate?” – has been going on for centuries. OK, maybe not CENTURIES – but it certainly feels like it’s been going on for a while, and with no end in sight. I can’t argue for the validity of this video, and I’m still not convinced of EVERYthing conveyed in it, but for the most part – I love it. What do you think?



Or Illusions?

Mere Delusions?

Rationalizing Irrationality of the I’s Mind.

Faults Excused & Faulty Thinking Thoughts Confused.

Update: July 2nd

My Problem with this video, was that it was bragging about a feature that they copied from google chrome – a privacy setting known as the incoginto window, allowing one to keep ones browsing history, temporary internet files…etc. hidden. Basically – For Porn Purposes.

Now, as reported by CNET, PC World, and All Things D – Days After My Initial Post & the Ad Age Coverage I Might Add – The Video/Ad is being pulled after complaints over the excessive vomiting…SERIOUSLY? I had to search for another file to embed with the video after the one from my earlier post, below, was disabled. Thankfully, I’ve got one back up.

Personally, I don’t know what all the hype is about. The video, Directed by the one and only Bobcat Goldthwait, is probably the funniest in microsofts entire advertising and marketing repertoire. If anything, they should be furthering the spread of the video, not hindering it’s potential viral explosion by disabling the embed code and taking it off their site.

What do you think?

Original Post

This may very well be the funniest IE8 Promo Video (There are a lot of them) To Date. Adage’s Abbey Klaassen discusses the latest bunch here, but the one below is really all you need to see. I give Microsoft some credit for attempting to revamp their corpo-anonymous image with a newfound edgy humor.

It’s too bad the feature they’re touting in this video was a Google Chrome Innovation known as the Incogninto Window…

Anyway, Just Watch & Laugh…

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Kyle Lacy recently posted 29,000 Reasons To Use Video for Social Media Marketing stating:

According to Mashable there are 20 hours of video uploaded every minute to Youtube.

Hold on one second..  Let me rephrase that for you.

Approximately 29,000 hours of online video content are uploaded to YouTube every.. single.. day.

This rising trend in uploading of video content is showing a transition with how people are communicating. We are demanding more visually stimulating information other than the blog posts, twitter tweets, and facebook messages.  The truth of the matter is this…

You are not going to be uploading video to YouTube in hopes of people searching for and finding the content inside of the site… You are going to be uploading the content to YouTube in order to broadcast it on other communication mediums (FacebookTwitter, LinkedIN,Myspace, and more importantly.. your website).

So what is the best way for a business to use online video? There are two steps:

1. Find a video production company that can help with filming your video or buy a Flip Cam and record it yourself.

2. Call your best clients and ask them if you can feature them on your website.

Get your clients excited about becoming referral sources for your business and use video to push that message.  We are stimulated by the visual representation of the emotion WE want to feel.. Give your potential clients that feeling.

While I agree that video is an enticing and potential game-changing tactic, one must realize that 29,000 hours of daily new youtube footage implies that same degree of competition – 29,000 others fighting you for the same audience and limited attention.

Video really encapsulates the essence of social media in that you can market with reality. Audio/visual stimuli will always evoke more of a reaction than text based campaigns, more so than marketing endeavors that utilize other social platforms like twitter or reaching out to bloggers. There’s something inherently different about video – which is why everyone feels the need to create and propagate interesting and relevant videos – making the viral phenom what it is.

The 2 questions one must ask themselves before jumping on the youtube bandwagon and hoping for the best:

  1. Does your brand lend itself to video?
  2. Do you have interesting, unique content that people will look for and want to disseminate and share.

Not every Brand is well suited for Youtube. I can’t offer unilateral guidelines on what makes social videos work for one brand as opposed to another. Maybe it has to do with target audiences & demographics, maybe it’s about industry, both those concepts being related of course.

And as for content. Don’t waste your time creating, editing, posting, and trying to circulate material that people have seen; that doesn’t offer either education or entertainment. The concept – the content – must precede the “Let’s do something on Youtube” It’s all to tempting to observe your competitors success with video content and say – let’s do that – and create something that lacks creativity and innovation and try to force feed it to the public. All they’ll see is desperation.

Note: Shameless Selfpromotion Upcoming.

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