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Hootsuite Deepens Facebook Integration. Makes Minor UI Tweaks to Dashboard &

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Google Me “NOT A PRODUCT”…Who Predicted This? Oh Yeah, ME!

Trying Out Google Instant Search – – Very Cool!

New Movie Promo Promises Help For Virgins, Offers Hotline

Google Me: Have We Been Using It All Along? Perhaps We Shouldn’t Be Holding Our Breath for That Big Announcement

This Just In – Brett Favre to Play 2010-2011 Season. Will Wear Depends Adult Diaper Under Uniform…

“There’s No Such Thing As ‘Expertise,’ Only Varying Degrees Of Confidence In One’s Own Opinion. Feigned Or Genuine, It Matters Not.” ~ @Aerocles #QoTD

QUESTION: What do you think about Forbes Blogger “Pay Per Traffic” Model? Will It Galvanize The Writers? Will It Impact Editorial Integrity?

I know, late to the game. But I loved the graphic and had to share. Boo Apple. Yay Google!